Top 5 Employers In Canada That Sponsor Immigrants

Canada has a rich history of welcoming immigrants, and in 2022, it attracted over 431,000 new residents, establishing itself as one of the top destinations for immigration worldwide. The nation has implemented various initiatives to encourage and retain immigrants, such as the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), which enables provinces and territories to nominate immigrants based on their specific economic and labor market demands.

Several Canadian employers actively support immigrants by offering opportunities for skilled positions. Here are five such employers:

1. Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons is a well-known Canadian coffee and doughnut chain with a vast presence in Canada and the United States. They provide sponsorship for immigrants seeking positions like restaurant managers, assistant managers, and shift supervisors. Additionally, Tim Hortons offers programs to assist immigrant employees in their professional journey, including language training and cultural orientation.

2. McDonald’s Canada

McDonald’s Canada, a prominent fast-food chain with numerous outlets across Canada, sponsors immigrants for roles like restaurant managers, assistant managers, and crew members. They also provide programs supporting immigrant employees, such as language training and opportunities for career development.

3. Loblaw Companies

Loblaw Companies, one of Canada’s largest food retailers, operates a multitude of stores under various banners, including Loblaws, Real Canadian Superstore, and No Frills. They sponsor immigrants for positions like store managers, assistant store managers, and department managers. Loblaw Companies additionally offer programs to aid immigrant employees, such as language training and mentorship initiatives.

4. Sobeys

Sobeys, another major food retailer in Canada with multiple banners like Sobeys, Safeway, and IGA, sponsors immigrants for positions such as store managers, assistant store managers, and department managers. Similar to other employers, Sobeys supports immigrant employees through language training and opportunities for career development.

5. Walmart Canada

Walmart Canada, a leading retailer with a significant presence across the country, sponsors immigrants for roles including store managers, assistant store managers, and department managers. They, too, offer programs for immigrant employees, including language training and career development support.

Benefits of Sponsoring Immigrants

Supporting newcomers brings several advantages to employers, including:

Access to a broader talent pool: Assisting immigrants enables access to a diverse range of qualified candidates, whether domestically or internationally. This is particularly valuable in industries facing a shortage of skilled workers.

Enhanced diversity and inclusivity: Immigrant support fosters diversity and inclusivity in the workplace, resulting in a more innovative and creative workforce and a greater appreciation of various cultures and perspectives.

Improved employee motivation and productivity: Research indicates that immigrant workers often exhibit higher motivation and productivity compared to native-born workers. This can be attributed to their determination to build a better life for themselves and their families in Canada.

How to Sponsor Immigrants

Supporting newcomers in Canada can be achieved through various pathways. The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is one of the most common methods, but keep in mind that each province and territory has its own PNP with differing requirements.

Another approach is the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP), which permits employers to hire foreign workers for temporary positions in Canada. After a specific period of employment, these workers may qualify for permanent residency.


Supporting newcomers is a commendable way for employers to tap into a diverse talent pool, enhance workplace diversity and inclusivity, and boost employee morale and productivity. The specific pathways for sponsoring immigrants in Canada can vary based on the program chosen and the province or territory involved.

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