How To Apply For Student Insurance In Canada

Health insurance is a crucial aspect for international students studying in Canada. While most provinces offer public health insurance, there may still be coverage gaps. Private student insurance can help bridge these gaps, offering students and their families peace of mind.

Who Requires Student Insurance in Canada?

International students planning to study in Canada for over six months must have health insurance. Public health insurance in Canada is typically reserved for residents. Some exceptions exist, like reciprocal agreements with certain countries or temporary public health coverage in certain provinces, such as the three-month waiting period for the BC Medical Services Plan (MSP).

Even if eligible for public health insurance, it’s wise to consider private student insurance. Public health coverage often doesn’t include all medical expenses, while private student insurance can cover items like prescription drugs, dental care, vision care, emergency travel, and lost luggage.

How to Apply for Student Insurance in Canada

You can apply for student insurance in Canada in two main ways:

1. Through Your School: Many Canadian institutions offer student insurance plans tailored for international students. These plans are often competitively priced and can be arranged through the international student office. Contact them for details.

2. Through a Private Insurance Company: Several private insurance companies provide student insurance plans in Canada. You can compare plans and apply directly through the insurer’s website.

When to Apply for Student Insurance

Applying for student insurance when you receive your study permit is important. This ensures you have coverage from the moment you arrive in Canada. If applying through your school, you may be able to start the process before obtaining your study permit, but coverage begins once you arrive and register with your school. Private insurance companies typically require a study permit before applying.

Information Needed for Student Insurance Application

When applying for student insurance, you will need to provide:

* Full name and date of birth

* Study permit number

* School name and address

* Program of study and its duration

* Home address and phone number

* Travel dates

Additional information, such as your medical history and pre-existing conditions, may also be required.

Cost of Student Insurance

The cost of student insurance varies based on the plan and study duration. Generally, it is quite affordable, with basic monthly plans starting at around $100.

Selecting a Student Insurance Plan

When choosing a student insurance plan, consider the following:

Coverage: Ensure the plan covers anticipated medical expenses, including doctor visits, hospital stays, prescription drugs, and dental care.

Limits: Be aware of coverage limits, like annual or lifetime caps.

Exclusions: Check for exclusions, such as pre-existing conditions or specific medical treatments.

Cost: Compare plan costs to find the best fit for your needs.

Filing a Claim for Student Insurance

To claim your student insurance:

1. Contact your insurance provider as soon as possible.

2. Provide information about your medical condition and the incurred expenses.

3. Your insurer will assess the claim to determine if it’s covered under your policy. If approved, you’ll be reimbursed within the policy limits.


Student insurance is crucial for international students in Canada. By following these steps and considerations, you can select the right insurance plan to ensure you have the necessary health coverage while studying abroad.

Additional Tips for Applying for Student Insurance in Canada

Compare Plans: Explore multiple plans from various insurance providers to find the most suitable option.

Read the Fine Print: Review your policy’s terms and conditions before applying.

Ask Questions: Don’t hesitate to seek clarification and ask questions regarding your insurance policy.

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