How I Restored the Facebook Dating App After It Had Stopped Working

How I Restored the Facebook Dating App After It Had Stopped Working – I’ve learnt to be persistent and patient until I’m able to resolve the issue with the Facebook dating app not appearing or being inaccessible.

Here are a few common gripes reported by my Facebook pals.

“I used to have the Facebook dating app, but I can’t seem to find it anymore.”

“I had an account that I subsequently deleted… It isn’t any longer. I appear to be shut out.”

Facebook assistance remains the primary tool for resolving any issue, including issues with your dating account.

If you have previously contacted them, use the approach I used; it will work. If you did not breach any of their community standards, they should return your dating app FB and you can resume having fun.

I’m going to tell you how I got my dating account back with the help of Facebook support.

Reasons for Facebook Dating App Not Showing Up

more than removing the dating app, canceling your Facebook account, or disabling the dating feature, there are several more reasons why FB dating may be unavailable to you.

Other reasons you may be shut out of your dating app FB include:

  • #1 Suspicious actions

You may be unaware of your suspicious Facebook activities at times. However, when the FB dating app stops operating, it is usually because they have begun to distrust what you are doing on the app. As a result, they make it unavailable to you.

Single Women Looking For Love On Facebook Dating App

If you are unsure whether you are infringing on any Facebook policies, you can contact support and request that the dating option be restored.

Contacting them once or twice may not be sufficient; keep sending messages until they respond to your request. Best of luck

  • #2. Using an outdated version of the Facebook App

An outdated version of the Facebook app can cause the dating feature in your account to cease working. This is due to the fact that modifications to the main app might occasionally affect whether or not particular features are available.

Make sure you have the most recent version of the program installed to ensure you have access to all features, including dating.

  • #3 Privacy options

If your privacy settings are set to only enable friends to access your profile, Facebook dating may be unavailable to you. Change your privacy settings to allow others to view your profile if you wish to utilize FB Dating.

  • #4 Infringed on Facebook dating regulations

If you break any of their restrictions, your account may be restricted or disabled, and the dating component will cease to function.

  • #5 Geographical constraints

FB Dating is currently only available in a few locations, so if you are there, you will be unable to utilize the program.

Here’s how I reactivated my Facebook dating app:

When I learned the dating app was no longer available to me, I contacted Facebook’s help team for the first time, but received no response.

I did the same thing with over 50 emails until I finally got their attention and my dating app was restored.

It is not enough to file a complaint with Facebook once or twice. This could be due to the large number of complaints they have to deal with every day.

So, if your problem hasn’t been handled, don’t stop contacting them.

I also assisted a Facebook friend, and maybe she will receive hers back.

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